Nicholas Negroponte
Chairman, MIT Media Laboratory
Jerome B. Wiesner Professor of Media Technology

Nicholas Negroponte is co-founder and chairman of the Media Lab. A
graduate of MIT, Negroponte was a pioneer in the field of computer-
aided design. In 1968 he founded MIT's pioneering Architecture Machine
Group, a combination lab and think tank responsible for many radically
new approaches to the human-computer interface. Out of this experience
came over 200 published articles and three influential texts. He is also
author of the 1995 bestseller, Being Digital, which has been translated
into more than 40 languages. A member of the MIT faculty since 1966,
Negroponte also has been a visiting professor at the University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor; the University of California, Berkeley; and Yale
University; and he travels extensively throughout the world as a lecturer.
Negroponte is actively involved in the Media Lab Europe, and serves as the
chairman of its board of directors. In the private sector, Negroponte serves
on the board of directors for Motorola, Inc., and as special general partner
in a venture capital firm specializing in technologies for information and
entertainment. He has also provided start-up funds for more than 20
companies, including WiReD magazine and several ventures in China.

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