Mitchel Resnick
LEGO/Papert Professor of Learning Research, Media Laboratory

Mitchel Resnick explores how new technologies both necessitate and facilitate deep changes
in the ways people think and learn. Resnick's Lifelong Kindergarten group has developed a
variety of educational tools, including the "programmable bricks" that were the basis for
LEGO's award-winning Mindstorms robotics construction kit. Resnick also led the development
of StarLogo, a software toolkit for modeling decentralized systems, and co-founded the
Computer Clubhouse project, a network of after-school learning centers for youth from
underserved communities. Resnick earned a BS in physics from Princeton University, and an
MS and PhD in computer science from MIT. Before pursuing his graduate degrees, he worked
for five years as a science/technology journalist for Business Week magazine. Resnick, who
was awarded a National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award in 1994, is author of
Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams (1993), co-editor (with Yasim Kafai) of Constructionism
in Practice: Designing, Thinking, and Learning in a Digital World (1996), and co-author
(with Vanessa Colella and Eric Klopfer) of Adventures in Modeling: Exploring Complex,
Dynamic Systems with StarLogo (2001).

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