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Photo by Webb Chappell
Merce Cunningham
born 1919
lives and works in New York, New York

Marc Downie
born 1977
lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Shelley Eshkar
born 1970
lives and works in New York, New York

Paul Kaiser
born 1956
lives and works in New York, New York

Music excerpts from Cunningham "Events" by Takehisa Kosugi

Motion capture by Modern Uprising Studios

Interactive Digital Projection

This digital portrait of Merce Cunningham is derived from a motion-captured recording of Loops, his solo dance for hands and fingers. The motion-captured joints have become nodes in a network that sets them into fluctuating relationships with one another, at times suggesting the hands underlying them, but more often depicting complex cat's-cradle variations. This presentation of this work registers the entry, presence, or exit of viewers by perturbing the algorithmic imagery, and from time to time one hears Merce speak.