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Van Eyck's Mirror
Van Eyck's Mirror
Van Eyck
Photo by Marshall Reese
Nora Ligorano
born 1956
lives and works in New York, New York

Marshall Reese
born 1955
lives and works in New York, New York

with Stefan Agamanolis,
Raffi Krikorian,
and Jane Pickett

Interactive video installation
John Hagan, actor
Dan Walworth, director of photography
Bill Seery, sound engineer
Broadway Video, post production
Special thanks to NEC and Crimson Tech,
Scott Andrus and Paul Regunsberg

Memory is elusive and the need to hold onto its
origins is always fleeting. This installation is
designed as a stage on which the viewer can become
an actor. Triggered by the viewer's approach, the
mirrored reflection of the painter transforms into
the turning of his back. Enacting the metaphor of
an uneasy marriage, Van Eyck's Mirror becomes a
signifier of the divorce that we, in the present,
experience with the distant past.