ID/entity: Portraits in the 21st Century
Alternative Autobiographies

Digital Limnings: Miniature Memories

Experiments in Digital Limnings


Portrait of Cati

Security By Julia XXXXIII

Strangers to Ourselves

Telephone Story: A Portrait

This Voice Anywhere

Van Eyck's Mirror

Science and technology are radically transforming both the medium and the subject matter of portraiture. Today, it is possible for a portrait to sense its audience, and to depict its subject in a medium of responses and reactions; the portrait can even escape from the gallery walls and exist as an entity in a virtual world. Capturing the "essence" of a person is no longer limited to their external appearance: we can create portraits from sources ranging from one's spending history to the proteins in one's DNA.

ID/entity: Portraits in the 21st Century
includes nine projects that investigate how artistic representations of "self" change with new chronological advances. Taking a variety of philosophical approaches, these investigations look back at traditional portraiture and forward to the future, capturing a moment that is ever-present and ever-passing. After October 31, 2001, the exhibit will travel to The Kitchen (NYC).

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